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Ladies and gentlemen...

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I'm delighted to present you with the brand new Real Life Design website!

Updating our website is a task that has alluded us for over a year now, and kept taking a back seat to other projects as our client base at the studio rapidly increased.

Over a strong pot of Columbian coffee about a month ago, the team decided that enough was enough and that the redesign had to take priority... But why??

Well, we wanted to equip ourselves with the same fantastic tools that we provide for our customers everyday (such as the ability to publish articles(!)) A dedicated portfolio section incorporating clever tools that take the hard work out of showing you the kind of solutions we've been working on, and to leverage social media tools that have become such an important part of keeping our clients up to date with our latest developments.

This was a great opportunity for us to work with the latest Drupal 7 platform, and develop our knowledge of the modules currently available for it.

So feel free to browse around and take a look at our new online home! If you have any suggestions or comments about our new site, feel free to comment below.

All the best from myself and the team,


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